The Benefits of Dental Crowns

By Charles L. Sours, Jr. D.D.S.
September 12, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How dental crowns from your dentist in Woodbridge, VA, can help your smile

Did you know there are many benefits of dental crowns? It’s true! If you have a badly damaged tooth, you may be tempted to have a large dental-crownsfilling placed. Consider that a dental crown can provide far more strength and beauty than a large dental filling. Dentist, Dr. Charles L. Sours Jr. in Woodbridge, VA, offers dental crowns to restore your smile.

When you have badly damaged teeth, you may be uneasy when you chew your food or bite down. You may be afraid your teeth can break again. Dental crowns help to conserve your teeth, keeping them from breaking.

A dental crown strengthens a tooth by holding the tooth together, covering the entire visible surface of your tooth above the gumline. When you bite down on a crown, the stress of biting is spread out over the entire surface of your tooth, protecting your tooth from breaking and losing more vital tooth structure.

Increased biting and chewing strength are just one of the many benefits of dental crowns. The truth is, dental crowns can also make your smile more beautiful too. That’s because many crowns are made of porcelain, which looks just like natural tooth enamel. Porcelain is light-reflective, just like tooth enamel. In fact, once a porcelain crown is placed, it is virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth structure.

Full porcelain crowns are the most aesthetically appealing, cosmetically beautiful crowns available and are an excellent choice for any area of your smile. If you need increased biting and chewing strength for a back tooth, you might consider:

  • A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, known as a PFM crown; these crowns combine the beauty of porcelain with the strength of a metal foundation. PFM crowns still look natural, but they lose the light-reflective quality because of the metal framework underneath the porcelain.
  • Full gold crowns are also a popular choice, especially for back teeth which aren’t visible when you smile. Gold lacks the natural look of porcelain, however, a gold crown provides excellent strength for biting and chewing.

If you have a damaged smile, it’s time to discover what dental crowns can do for you and your smile. To find out more about dental crowns and other dental services, call your dentist in Woodbridge, VA, today!