The Importance of Root Canals

By Charles L. Sours, Jr. D.D.S.
September 06, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Root canals serve several important functions. They strengthen damaged or decayed teeth, and restore normal functioning, such as biting root canalsand chewing, as well. Root canals also preserve natural teeth that would otherwise require extraction. A root canal procedure is similar to having a cavity filled and can be performed by your dentist. Dr. Charles Sours is your Woodbridge, VA, dentist for root canals and other dental procedures.

Reasons for a Root Canal

There are many reasons why a root canal might be needed. A primary reason is to preserve a damaged or decayed tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. A tooth that has sustained an injury can benefit from a root canal, as well, if the dental nerve has been damaged. Damaged to the dental nerve can cause nerve tissue to die. A root canal procedure can be used to remove the dead nerve tissue to prevent infection and restore strength and functioning in the damaged tooth by filling in the area where tissue was removed.

Similarly, a root canal can also restore strength and functioning in teeth with decay that has spread into the root. The decayed area is removed and the empty space is filled back in, much in the same way a cavity is filled. Additionally, when decay spreads to the root, an abscess can form below the tooth root. An untreated abscess can result in the spread of infection to the jaw bone, soft tissues and other areas. Your dentist in Woodbridge can advise you if a damaged or decayed tooth can be preserved by undergoing a root canal procedure.

Benefits of a Root Canal

One of the primary reasons for undergoing a root canal, to preserve a tooth, is also a major benefit. A root canal allows you to keep your natural tooth rather than have it extracted. Additional benefits of root canals include strengthening teeth and restoring normal functioning in teeth that have become weak. Damaged or decayed teeth can be sensitive when biting down or chewing. A root canal can strengthen such teeth so that normal biting and chewing functions can, once again, resume. Root canals also prevent infection and decay from spreading.

Root canals are important for several reasons. The preserve natural teeth, strengthen weakened teeth and prevent infection and decay from spreading to other areas of the mouth or body. To find out if a problem tooth can benefit from a root canal, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sours, your experienced dentist in Woodbridge, VA, by calling the office at (703) 491-2131.