Dental Services

Woodbridge Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Veneers

Regular visits to you Woodbridge, VA dentist are essential to make sure oral health problems — from tooth decay to oral cancer — are detected and treated in a timely manner. At our office, your oral health is our paramount concern. We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great! From regular cleanings and exams to advanced restorative treatments, all of your routine dental needs can be met right here.

Services we offer include:

  • Bonding, to repair small chips or cracks
  • Crowns & Bridgework, to replace large amounts of lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth
  • Dental Implants, for the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today. Single and multiple implants, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, extractions, 3-D cone beam x-ray scan, periodontal health, bone grafting and laser dentistry.
  • Emergency, If your tooth or teeth are knocked out entirely, place them in milk immediately and call the office or go to the closest emergency room
  • Fillings, to make your teeth strong and healthy again
  • Oral Cancer Screenings, to detect disease at a curable stage
  • Orthodontic Treatment, To move teeth into the right position and promote your beautiful smile. To align teeth and correct positioning of your teeth
  • Cosmetic and General Dentistry, to correctly align your teeth and encourage self confidence
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy, To prevent tooth loss and promote healthy gums and your health by helping your body get rid of infection that may be caused by gum disease. Gum disease is a silent painless bacterial infection, when left untreated causes sever gum and bone loss destruction and eventually tooth loss. Reserach shows that this bacterial infection may be directly related to diabetes and heart problems. Look after your gums before they stop looking after you.
  • Permanent and Semi-Permanent Dentures, The permanent denture is held in place by implants and titanium threaded posts, and the semi-permanent is a snap-in and is held in by titanium snaps and is ready to be removed by you as needed.
  • Removable Dentures, To help you smile again, and promote your beautiful smile and a healthy digestive system by chewing your food properly.
  • Porcelain Veneers, for repairing larger chips and cracks, and reshaping teeth, and closing spaces.
  • Professional Teeth Cleanings, to maintain good oral health
  • Root Canal TreatmentTo save an infected tooth and rid your body of infection caused by your unhealthy tooth
  • SealantsTo protect children's teeth from decay and help preserve them until their permanent teeth arrive
  • Teeth WhiteningTo brighten a faded or discolored tooth/teeth and enhance your beautiful smile
  • TMJ/TMD Treatment, for chronic jaw pain
  • Tooth Extractions, when a tooth is hopelessly damaged or decayed
  • Veneers, To cover chipped and discolored anterior teeth, and to fill in space between teeth

Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Video

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer the comfort and security of a permanent replacement that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. Dental implants also help preserve the tooth-supporting bone in your jaw that deteriorates when even one tooth is lost.

Emergency Dental Treatment

If your tooth has been knocked out by accident, place tooth immediately inside a glass of milk and drive to our office, or to the closest emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped or moved. Please Call our office for assistance.