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Are You Ready to Smile for the Camera?

Are You Ready to Smile for the Camera?

When a camera comes out, do you find an excuse to duck out of the way? Do you smile with your mouth closed or cover your mouth with dental implantsyour hand when you talk? Many people who have missing teeth are camera-shy, but Dr. Charles Sours, your Woodbridge, VA, dentist, has a permanent and life-changing solution to this common problem. Dental implants can restore your smile and improve your life, giving you the ability to talk, smile and eat comfortably and confidently. More information can be found in this post.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an incredible addition to restorative dentistry. They restore not just the visible portion of a tooth, but the entire structure. A tiny metal post is the portion that is implanted by your Woodbridge dentist. This is a minor surgical procedure that is done in the office and takes about as long as a root canal to finish. Over a period of a few months, the post will integrate with the jawbone surrounding it, just like the root system of the tooth that is being replaced. After that, Dr. Sours will attach the abutment, an even smaller piece of metal that will function as the attachment from the post to the crown. The crown is crafted from high-quality ceramic material and will look just like a natural tooth.

How do I take care of dental implants?

Many people are concerned that they'll have to remove their implants for cleaning, similar to dentures. Fortunately, dental implants not only look like a natural tooth, but require the same kind of maintenance. These restorations from your Woodbridge dentist are designed to be permanent, so there's no removal or repair needed as long as you brush, floss and visit Dr. Sours twice yearly for checkups. While the implants and crowns can't decay, the gum tissue, bone and natural teeth surrounding them need to be healthy to keep your restorations stable.

If you're ready to stand front and center for your next snapshot, contact the dental office of Dr. Charles Sours in Woodbridge, VA, to arrange a consultation appointment about dental implants!